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QuotaPath’s Compensation Hub is a platform to discover, compare, build, and customize compensation models. Use the plans below to customize new plans by adjusting variables within the tool. Evaluate and optimize comp plans to ensure they’re driving the right results. Share with your team and automate it directly in QuotaPath.

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Account Executive Plans

Commonly used by Account Executives, Enterprise Account Executives, Senior Account Executives, Sales Executives, and Sales Reps.

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Deliver visibility, automation, and seamlessness across the entire compensation process.

Compensation Hub provides RevOps, Finance, and Sales teams with a free sales compensation plan modeling tool to design meaningful comp plans in a few steps. Built by QuotaPath, a sales compensation and commission software, Compensation Hub includes sales compensation plan examples (including AE and SDR comp plans), a library of commission structure templates, and variable compensation recommendations and use cases for each plan. Each commission plan or bonus structure features adjustable variables so that leaders can create plans aligned with their business goals and historical numbers. These variables include on-target earnings (OTE), annualized quota, average contract value (ACV), annual recurring revenue (ARR), quota frequency, and more. Once a plan is ready, leaders can easily share it within their organizations and save it to see it automated in QuotaPath's free commission tracking software. For additional comp management support, and to learn how QuotaPath is helping teams everywhere bring visibility and accuracy to sales comp, book time with their team for a custom demo.

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